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Meet Jeanne & Sarah

Leadership Logic, Jeanne Allen & Sarah Marche

Jeanne Allen always planned to work with her sister, Sarah Marché, so when her business started to expand, it was natural for the two sisters to become partners. Coming from a large family and a multi-generational, family-owned farm in Western New York, the sisters understand the level of dedication and hard work it takes to run a business. Read more...

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New York State Approved Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

Our attorney-approved anti-sexual harassment training is online and includes all of the New York State and New York City requirements. In addition to sexual harassment, there is a focus on ethics and respect and how these topics relate to sexual harassment. The course is interactive, and employees can complete it at any time. Employers will be notified regularly with updated lists of participant completion. All employees will receive a completion certificate once they finish the training.

Read about your responsibilities in protecting your employees from harassment in the workplace.

custom analysis

Partnering with our clients, we define corporate goals, identify areas for improvement, develop a customized solution, and implement a plan for results. We create tenacious teams, cultivate high performing team members, revolutionize organizational culture, define strategy and help companies look past today and into the future. In order to differentiate your company from the competition you must set yourself apart. A strong team can make all the difference!

our process

Our 6 step process is customized for your organization. We look at the business end by focusing on structure and goals. Then we review the culture and alignment of your team. We help to identify obstacles to success and work with you to create a plan of action that will not only solve the issue at hand, but give you the tools to resolve challenges in the future.

Here are some of the companies we have been privileged to work with: