Leadership Development

Individual Leadership Coaching (for VPs, Directors, & Managers)

Your strongest future leaders are already working in your organization. Help them uncover their potential by developing results-driven leadership competencies. Leadership Coaching will help your employees increase their effectiveness by challenging them to focus on self-awareness, adaptive leadership, and communication. We will encourage them to stretch in their development, and then support them to ensure positive change.

Executive Coaching (for C-level Executives and Business Owners)

Creating an environment where people have the clarity, engagement and energy to deliver great results is at the heart of most organizations. The highest level of leadership has a profound impact on the culture at any organization, and culture is what can set a company apart from the competition. Executive Coaching is when the "heavy lifting" work gets done. We work with you to focus on transformation, change management, accountability, and results. Through this work you and your executive team members will model the behavior necessary to achieve your desired outcomes.

Jeanne is an exceptional sounding board to C-Level executives and has been called on for years by many for her counsel and insight. I would recommend Jeanne to any business owner without hesitation, and I can always count on her to increase my credibility when working together due to her steadfast approach.

- Brian Carroll, Managing Director at Genuent