Strategy Development

Having a clear and intentional plan for company growth and development helps create a competitive advantage in any industry. Let us help you to set the course for your future as a company!

Leadership Logic facilitates strategy development sessions focusing on defining why the company does what it does (mission statement), where the company is planning to go in the future (vision statement), and a detailed plan for getting to the vision statement (strategy map). 

In order to ensure that all members of the company have a role in executing the strategy map, we will create a balanced scorecard detailing projects, metrics, and deadlines.

We partner with you as you work to formulate what is best for your company.

Her frank analysis of strategic visioning and assessment of human capital needs have resulted in decreased turnover, increased employee/employer morale, and team-building - all in support of business development and strategic success. Her business acumen and experience are an asset to any corporation she works for.

- Lauren E. Gerber, Senior Advancement & MarCom Professional