Focal 360™ Assessments

Like other profiles that use 360° feedback, Focal 360™ is filled with data and useful information. It incorporates points of view from all directions, including a leader’s own self-reflection. This robust program incorporates customizable feedback topics such as: Knowledge & Strategy, Character, Interpersonal Skills, Clarity & Purpose, and Execution.

Focal 360™ is meant for anyone who wants to use 360° feedback as part of their leadership development, whether they’re an emerging leader or an experienced executive. The program is used to encourage and support the development of excellent leadership in any organization.

We have worked with Jeanne in the area of leadership development for the past year, specifically to facilitate the delivery of 360 feedback and individual coaching sessions for supervisors and managers. Jeanne’s industry experience has been extremely beneficial in working with our leaders to develop actionable plans and achieve positive results. Jeanne tailors each plan to tackle specific improvement areas, bringing new ideas and advice to the table. Jeanne’s warmth, professionalism and candor have allowed her to quickly and comfortably build relationships with our team, gain their respect and make a difference to those she works with, ultimately strengthening the organization as a whole. She is skilled at identifying and articulating the heart of an issue to a leader while maintaining a supportive and trusting relationship.

I would highly recommend Jeanne for leadership development initiatives you are undertaking.

- Amy Tewksbury, Sr. VP Human Resources, Anaren Inc.